Our Market Photos

Grech Farms

65 years ago Charlie Grech had a dream to start his own farm growing quality vegetables for the people of Sydney. Today Charlie has achieved his dream and with the support from 3 of his sons his dream is continuing to grow.

Great Roots

Minituber production:This is the canopy above the light-proof box, taken at the same time as the previous photo. The whole operation is conduction in greenhouses in a sterile environment. The plants grow only to about 40cm tall and are continually monitored with sensors that control warm and light. The process of growing minitubers happens every year as seed is required to be generated from the original tissue held in a secure tissue bank.

Werombi Farm Produce

Eddie Galea ensuring the best quality produce by applying the correct amount of water and moving his irrigation pipe on to the next block.

Wanaka Orchard

Getting ready to start packing. Moving the fruit from the dip tank to the grader. Stone fruit float to conveyor then roll over a weight grading system to be packed.

Action Farm

The next crop of cucumbers growing beautifully in the green house.

Wanaka Orchard

Fruit is picked early in morning and packed in the afternoon to avoid the heat. It is generally transported that night for sale at Flemington Market.

Great Roots

Jaqueline minitubers.Each plantlet is placed on a mat inside a light-proof box and kept moist. As the plant grows, tubers form on the many stems that grow from above the plantlets base.

HC Sproule and Son

Field grown poppies on the farm looking a picture.

HC Sproule and Son

Peter Sproule from HC Sproule & Son is a third generation flower grower who is keeping his fingers crossed that there will a fourth & better still the fifth generation of Sproule farmers when he watches his grandchildren trying to help on the farm and at the market.

Covid-19 Update 😷

Due to the increasing numbers of COVID infections in the Greater Sydney area and the higher risk for the Liverpool, Fairfield & Canterbury/Bankstown LGAs over the last week, the Board has decided that we as a market will shut for a minimum of 2 weeks being Saturday 31 July 2021 & 7 August 2021

This is to assist in limiting travel between Sydney LGAs of both stallholder and customers.   This should lessen our risk in unknowingly spreading the virus further.

We have operated following all Health Rules and Guidelines but each week the risk increases.

The Board will be monitoring what happens over the next two weeks before making any further decisions, 

We wish you all well and thank you for your support to date during these difficult times.

The Board

Liverpool Growers & Foodies Market