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Flora International

This story starts in Australia, moves to Italy, grows in South Africa and blossoms back in Australia into the Flora International of today.

Denis Secco, was born in Australia, moved to Italy and then South Africa, where he fathered three boys. He decided he wanted to give his kids the opportunity of an education and lifestyle in Australia, which he had loved so much. So in 1993 Denis Secco, his wife Marisa and his three boys Adriano, Steven and Michael returned to Australia.

From the age of six years old, Denis and his sister Giovanna would work with their Uncle picking flowers and selling them at the Sydney Flower Market. It was then that Denis’s love of flowers was born. With his passion for Horticulture, Denis decided to complete his degree, during which time he supported his family working in the Fruit & Veg industry.

The dream began at Flora International P/L in 1999. Denis used his love and passion for roses to supply something special to the industry; namely quality roses with an extensive colour range.

Today, Flora International is the largest hydroponic Rose Farm in NSW and produces over 40 rose varieties and colours. We have also extended our growing portfolio to include Oriental Lilies and as at 2010 we are the largest Phalaenopsis Orchid grower in NSW.

It is a tough industry and any of you will know that you need to adapt and diversify to ensure your longevity and success!! Flora International is very much a family run business, with a team of managers and staff that embraces the same principles. It is with this in mind that we extend the Flora family on a daily basis with quality suppliers and customers.

The Market will re-open 2nd October.

We will be working over the next few weeks to put in place all necessary processes to ensure that going forward the market can continue to operate without closure.

As you all know the case numbers are escalating still and lockdowns are restricting every part of our lives at this stage until Mid-September. This impacts not only you, our customer base but the stallholders as well and we don't want to have to stop again, that is why we are not rushing back.

We ask you to be patient as we work to secure the future of the market.

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